a moment for friendships

I grew up as a military child which meant that moving to a new state was frequent. Thankfully, I was able to stay in Virginia for six years and Chicago for four, and during that time I built solid friendships with women I consider my family. Fast forward to post-graduation and I must admit that adulthood is in full swing. From working in my dream industry to paying bills, the reality has hit me fast, and that bubble of a world called college is officially over. 

I can say that moving into this new phase of life hasn't been the easiest transition. Getting married, moving to a new state, job hunting, graduate school and plenty of other life changes took a toll on me. There were many days (and nights) where I was rapidly double texting or calling my closest friends to vent about the constant roller coaster of emotions. Each conversation with various women was unique in its own way. It may have seemed like a casual chat, but for me the discussions were motivating. 
It was during this move that I realized how important my friends were. I mean, I always knew that they were each beautiful inside and out, but I truly had the epiphany when I moved. I came to understand that every woman needs a girl group. In my opinion, this is a non-negotiable. Every woman needs others that can help ease her through the most difficult times and praise her through her highest achievements. It is the warming security to know that someone is there when you need a shoulder to cry on, a hearty laugh or a nudge to keep going. Girl groups aren't overrated and the value of them lasts far beyond a text message. Whether it is meeting up for brunch on a Saturday or connecting through a Twitter chat, the friendship can come through in a variety of formats. So today, I challenge you to take the initiative to reach out to a few girlfriends to check on them, send a positive message or to even set a time to meet up!
Continue to foster relationship with women who empower, celebrate, back you up, and provide the same to them. To sum it all up, keep the love going around and send some support to your local girl gang! 

- BF

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