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Pause. Program™ for Organizations


The Pause. Program™ provides your most valuable asset - your people - with the opportunity to grow personally and develop as a community within your organization. Connection and belongingness are at the core of this program. We help your people feel more aligned, full, and powerful using our proven three-step process:

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1) Transform Your Mind

We practice holistic habits for healthy, positive and being to help you overcome challenges more effectively and thrive more fully.

2) Build Authentic Connections

We assess your social networks, brand, and resources to identify and leverage your opportunity gaps to help you connect more authentically and enable self-sustainability and growth.


3) Activate Your Clarity

We provide a 30- to 90-day framework to identify and mobilize tangible next steps for designing the life you want to lead.

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Our members LOVED the workshop that Let’s Vibe hosted. Diamond and Karen (founders of Let’s Vibe) were amazing facilitators. Their energy and workshop topics deeply resonated with our community. They were able to make help make meaningful connections, inspire thoughtful conversations, and make ‘netWERKING’ accessible and achievable to our members.
I see Let’s Vibe being this vibrant talent pool that no just myself or a few other companies are tapping into, but several companies see this as a viable resources to connect to some of the most talented young women of this city.
— Elena Valentine, CEO of Skill Scout
Let’s Vibe is the thought leader you want on
your team. Their expertise combined with
their curiosity and workflow is unparalleled. I
worked with them once and now they will be
my go-to provider for strategic design.