Our Agenda



Pause: to give yourself the permission, space, and acceptance necessary to be present and in awe of all that you bring to this world; to invest in a moment of restoration and clarity for your life and your purpose.


…is to help you design the life you want.

We help you feel more aligned, full, and powerful using our proven three-step process to design the life you want.

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1) Tranform Your Mind

We practice holistic habits for healthy, happy thinking and being to help you overcome challenges more effectively and thrive more fully.


2) Build Authentic Connections

We assess your social networks, brand, and resources to identify and leverage your opportunity gaps to help you connect more authentically and enable self-sustainability and growth.


3) Activate Your Clarity

We provide a 30- to 90-day framework to identify and mobilize tangible next steps for designing the life you want to lead.

This your moment for personal wellness & growth. It’s time to finally take that moment you’ve promised yourself, and PAUSE.
— Let's Vibe

Pause. with Let’s Vibe

Pause. with Let’s Vibe