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PAUSE. Master Mind Program (Fall Cohort)

  • To be announced Chicago, IL (map)

From overcoming confidence issues (you are not alone!) to landing new jobs and clients to starting businesses and developing $35k 'side' revenue streams, we've helped womxn gain clarity, grounding, and actionable steps to do what they do best.

We strongly believe in the power of creating a vision and nurturing it to execution.

After spending much time studying identity and organizational behavior, designing professional development programming for over 500 employees globally, and simply experiencing the challenges of figuring out how to effectively lead in life and career while underrepresented, we quickly came to understand the value of:

  • 360 Mentorship
  • Thought Partnership
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Access

We designed a program to facilitate your unique experience of personal and professional growth within a short amount of time. Every moment we learn, achieve, and align our outcomes with our true purpose is a moment meant to be shared. 

Note: You may focus on yourself or your business during the program.

Here's what to expect...

(Part I) Greetings, Visioning, & Goal-Setting

We learn more about who you are and what you want out of your life and career for the next 6 months. We vibe out to what drives you, how you want to be defined, and how you want to design your life. We talk about the challenges you may be facing and facilitate a cleaner path to your version of success. By the end of the session, you have a clear vision of where you want to go and your next steps.

Outcomes: Vision + Goals

(Part II) Check, Please!

We facilitate "Check, Please!" - an accountability activity that allows us to effectively evaluate you currently where you are in your life and career, shatter your roadblocks, and remind you of how incredible you are in life. Yes, this is essential and many tell us that this reminder is necessary for them. You're welcome in advance. :)


  • You Getting Out of Your Own Way
  • Goals Evaluation
  • Clean Plan of Action

(Part III) Level Up

We facilitate "Level Up" - an accountability activity that allows us to effectively evaluate your progress, holistically assess your life and career, and remind you of how far you've come.


  • You Getting Out of Your Own Way (Again)
  • Network Assessment (with at least one tangible next step)
  • Brand Assessment (with at least one tangible next step)
  • Financial Plan Assessment (with at least one tangible next step)
  • Resource Map (with at least one tangible next step)
  • Clear Plan of Action

(Part IV) Reflection

We conclude your experience with a look back at what you've accomplished and how you've grown, a look ahead to how you see yourself continuing to progress in your life, and a look at your present. We share stories of growth and positive vibes as we transition from this experience to the next. 

Outcome: Reflection + Growth Goal

Limited Spots: 15 (Max)