1:1 moment of PAUSE.

1:1 moment of PAUSE.


Gain a fundamental framework for clarity & organization!

This is your time. We facilitate clarity, organization, validation, and positive vibes as you take a moment to regain your grounding in your personal life, career, and business.

A few past results from 1:1 moments of Pause:

  • Personal - Overcoming of confidence challenges and imposter syndrome (update: ongoing process and yet easing the struggle over time with check-ins and actionable steps)

  • Personal - Navigating the transition from school to new job (update: new job was secured within 4 months!)

  • Personal - Understanding techniques for negotiating a raise (update: raise was secured within 2 months!)

  • Business - Identifying the most viable business idea and structuring of its business model (update: business was started and a new client was secured within 3 months!)

  • Business - Structuring and implementing strategy for securing ‘side’ revenue of $35,000 (update: $35,000 was secured within 6 months!)

  • Business - Understanding how to manage and grow a new team (update: onboarded two new hires within 2 months and growth tension has eased since introducing lean opportunities for collaboration and professional development for the team)

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