Vibe meet-ups

We are 400+ strong subscribed and 1000+ engaged nationally. Likely, there's most definitely a Vibe woman or ally in your city. Check out the local meet-ups currently affiliated with Let's Vibe:

Chicago, IL


Can't find your city listed? Join us virtually! We'll be popping up in city near you for 2018.


Side Hustlers anonymous

November 2017

Have a side hustle that no one knows about? Dreaming of quitting your job and starting your own business but lack the support? Picking up side hustle #2, #3, or #4? Join us for an evening of vibing out as we share our side hustler stories and tips for taking things to the next level.



December 2017

We're reflecting on our 2017 journey as we wrap up the year in gratitude. Join us as we share what gratitude means to us and how it's impacted our journey over the last 12 months.

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Save the Date

6 January 2018

Our annual "New Year, New Vibe" experience will be one to ensure you thrive all year long!

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January 2018

Let's make our new year work for us! We're mapping our vision for our boldest, most fearless version of the life we want. Join us!

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February 2017

Goal-setting effectively makes life literally fall into place. Let's share our goals and discuss ways to turn them into tangible outcomes.

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March 2017

Where would we be without our femtors? From our quarter- to mid-life crises to our grand career decisions, we're sharing stories of the women who have guided us along our journey.

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First Annual Retreat*

April 2018

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Last of Spring Cleaning

May 2018

Re-centering before summer is essential to vibrating at our highest energy levels. We're sharing our secrets for a good spring cleaning in all areas of our lives.

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Wellness, food, & Sunshine

June 2018

R&B yoga, colorful food, and enjoying sunshine are just a few of the things we're discussing. Who needs an agenda when we have the summertime 'chill' to guide us? Join us.

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