Signature events

Back in 2015, our community first began with 40 womxn who came together to simply vibe with womxn just as driven, ambitious, and curious as them. Fast forward with over 500 womxn locally and 1500 womxn nationally, we gather annually to continue this tradition and grow together as we thrive in our lives and careers. Our events are essential experiences during any Vibe Womxn's journey.

With each signature event, you will be invited to take advantage of the pre- and post-event VIP Meet & Greets with our featured speakers and guests, exclusive swag and discounts, and bonus opportunities! 

*Vibe Pass holders receive an exclusive discount on the annual retreat. All other signature events are fully covered under the Vibe Pass.

Check out our three signature events below. 

NYNV 2018.jpg

New Year, New Vibe (Jan)

is our annual experience focused on community, collaboration, and exploring a topic and learning skills to apply to our life and career for the new year. 

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Retreat (Apr)

is an experience focused on deepening our awareness and
understanding of ourselves as holistic individuals and leaders.

Vibe Out (Aug)

is an experience focused on community and deepening
our connections within our community.