Partner Services

Building community and mutual partnership throughout the years has been one of the most rewarding experiences for us. We have had the opportunity to share space and positive vibes with empowering organizations and brands that make it their mission to ensure that womxn are actually supported. Their talk is exemplified through their walk.

From our first event ever to our annual and monthly experiences, we continue to gain allies and partners. We collaborate with partners on a rolling basis throughout the year. Our partner services, offerings, and products are available at a discount throughout your journey with us.

Did we mention your 'first dibs' exclusive access to job and freelance opportunities? That's right. When our partners request their first batch of job candidates or provide resources, you are the first to know and be granted access.

Check out our partners for 2018 and your exclusive perks below.

Skill Scout (Partner of the Year)

First dibs on jobs and sponsored events with Skill Scout

Kareracter logo.png


Discounted branding services (including logo, graphic and website design)



Discounted food delivery service

Dolly Ave Logo.png

Dolly Ave Photography

Discounted photography services

Colette Ghunim logo.png

Colette Ghunim

Discounted film services

Statement Press.jpg

Statement Press

Discounted letterpress and design services



Discounted co-working membership


Coalition Impact

Discounted co-working membership and day passes