Our Fam

We are equally dedicated to both the thriving of Let's Vibe and our team. We are family in our life's work. Meet the 'Fam'.


Chief Executive Officer

Diamond Greer creates people-centered solutions for organizations and individual visionaries across sectors and passions. As a people & design strategist, she customizes inclusive experiences driven by intention and resulting in meaningful impact. She specializes in human capital strategy and talent development. She oversees all things Let's Vibe, including its strategy and direction. Diamond advocates for education, inclusion, and parity for those with untapped potential.

Diamond completed her degree in Education & Social Policy focused on Learning & Organizational Change and African American Studies and is pursuing her Master's degree in Product Design and Development at Northwestern University.

Previous: Assistant Vice President of Human Resources at an alternative investments firm


Chief Operating Officer

Karen Spears designs and implements business strategies and creates visual branding & design solutions for dozens of millennial startups. She oversees daily operations and performance, and ensures the organization's culture and vision are aligned. She curates the overall brand experience of Let's Vibe and enhances member and client experience. Karen's mission is to help budding female entrepreneurs, self-starters, and go-getters reach their full potential.

Karen completed her degree in Communications focused on Business at University of Missouri.

Previous: Leo Burnett, Google


Story Director

Colette Ghunim passion lies at the cross section of social and visual storytelling. While in college, Colette produced and edited videos for organizations in Costa Rica, India, and Egypt. Her experiences span from crafting a business communications plan for rural seamstresses to co-directing an award-winning documentary against sexual harassment in Cairo, Egypt. She strives to be a changemaker for communities worldwide, documenting powerful stories of individuals that often go unnoticed.

Colette completed her degree in Communications and Psychology at Northwestern University.


Community Director

Chelsea Farkye completed her degree in Sociology and Anthropology at Colgate University.


Strategic Thriving Director

McKensie Mack aims to bring the power of communication to the forefront through humorous, human-driven content that gets people together in the best possible way. As a strategist specializing in communication, anti-oppression, and operational efficiency, she focuses on the ways in which institutions develop cultures of well-being and dismantle systems of disempowerment. In her free time, McKensie enjoys eating tacos while twirling to trap music and producing satirical shows about politics, pop culture, and history. 

Fluent in 3 languages, McKensie completed two degrees in Linguistics at the University of Chicago.

Public Relations Director

Urma Redmond tactical genius thrives in writing and communicating strategically across platforms. This southern belle believes everyone should have their story told, and she is dedicated to being one hell of a storyteller. In addition to writing, she loves root beer floats, musicals, and service. If asked, Urma would rather be a sno-cone shack owner by day and a screenplay/novel writer by night. Until then, she writes freely and diligently.

Urma completed her degree in Journalism at the University of Missouri.


Product Development Director

Saumya Pandey thrives to leverage the transformational power of technology and creativity to create products and solutions that make life better. She leads the way to develop a vision and implementation strategy for technology offerings and also collaborates with team to refine the design offerings. Saumya is passionate about utilizing education and technology to eradicate gender inequality, empower individuals, encourage entrepreneurship and promote diversity.

Saumya completed her degree in Computer Science at Indiana University Bloomington.


Marketing Director

Maribel Diaz completed her degree in Computer Science at DePauw University.