A Simple Reminder To Go Get It

Written by Diamond G.

“What do you want?”

As simple as it sounds, this is one of the most difficult questions to answer. Why is that?

It doesn’t matter what you’re thinking about on the surface, or what others think of you. This question strikes through every fiber of your being, and challenges you over whatever it is that you’ve spent your time stressing over and freaking out about. What. Do. You. Want?

So, you may not have any idea what it is that you actually want...but you do know what you don’t want. You have an idea of what it is that makes your heart race, and makes your brain spark out of curiosity. Maybe it’s adrenaline? No; it’s way more than that. It’s the burning desire to rush and find the next sustainable step that will catapult this sensation to a place outside of yourself. To your hands. To the paper. To the computer. To the perfect person. To the world.

What do you want?

You do know. You know exactly what it is that you want. It’s the rush you get when you discover that hum. The hum that drives your heart, then to your mind, then to the outside, and then back inside you. You want the thing that everyone says is insane to go after. You want the thing that every single moment you have ever experienced has brought you to this point to do. You want to do the one thing that does not guarantee you anything, yet you are attracted to it. Think about living life and looking back on your legacy. What if you realize that the key to living a fulfilling life was to jump into the unknown? Don’t take anymore delays on starting that life.

What do you want?

Here’s the big revelation: to leap.

Take a leap of faith, and go after your wildest dreams.

Live, MonthlyDiamond Greer