A Reflection: The "What Now?" Resolution

 by Diamond Greer

by Diamond Greer

Nobody told us that this is how it would be. After “doing you,” of 18+ years of school…of being told exactly what to do, how to do it, and why to do it, nobody told us that we’d be here. Feeling as if our roadmap was taken away and we were left with the unknown of life. No one told us that after knowing exactly what to expect (preschool, then grammar school/elementary school, then high school, then college/alternatives to 2 yr/4 yr/non-traditional college, then...?), that we’d be left with the “?”…no one told us about what to expect next.

So, as I sit in my leggings and oversized sweatshirt with my hair in a curly, yet Chewbacca-esque fro liking pictures of people I’ll never meet on IG, adding the 875th pin to my “Foodie” board on Pinterest, and posting articles regarding intersectionality and the fallacy of one-size-fits-all on Facebook…I am left with one of two choices to make:

  1. One of those “IDK what to do with my life so I’m going to brew in this and finish that $7 container of Hazelnut Talenti (since Target ran out of Mango)" continuations; or
  2. Embrace being a wanderer and evolve into who or what I want to be.

Hopefully, you choose the latter because there’s only so much Talenti to sustain your woes.

Here are some tips as to how to use your “almost-quarter-life-crisis” to your advantage:

  • Grow up, but only in regard to accountability.
  • Expand your imagination.
  • Do not seek or ask for permission.
  • Try everything.
  • Let go of the fear of failing.
  • Be a sponge and learn everything from everyone you can.
  • Choose a theme song to start your day and roll with it.
  • READ for fun and development.
  • Surround yourself with inspiration (Pinterest quotes. You’re welcome.).
  • DO.
  • Step your mental health up.
  • Go on your “ME Journey.”
  • Check out “Talks to get you through your quarter-life crisis” on TED.com.

Sometimes we find our best selves in the midst of being or feeling lost. This is the perfect time to define who you are and what you want that “?” to be. So don’t waste your early twenties, embrace them.

This was written in 2014 upon graduating from college and figuring out next steps, before co-founding Let's Vibe. #fbf