Why a Girl Boss Doesn’t Take Things Personally

By Jennifer Fowler

When you take things personally, you give up some of the power inside of yourself, and give it to others.

You allow them to place chains over your mind + spirit. You let them reverse all the ideologies and values you’ve spent building on your hands and knees. You let them slam a wrecking ball into the foundation you’ve constructed for yourself.

You let people make incisions in your heart and let the love stored in there bleed out. You let them hurt you.

And although you tell yourself that you are too busy to care or too in love with your craft to worry about the little things, you do worry about the little things.
Your ears perk up at the snide comments people make and the things they don’t like and the way people look at you and you spend time wondering what’s wrong with you.

You look in the mirror and wonder why they looked at you that way or why those people said what they said while you were primping your hair in the bathroom.
You think and overthink and try and figure out how you can be a better you so people won’t talk about you behind your back and scroll past your Instagram pictures - because you’re doing something right, right?

But the truth is, you’ll never be doing something right. In your eyes, you could be traveling down all the right roads and following all the right signs, but in the eyes of someone else it could all be wrong.
What’s important is that you find your self love, self respect, self empowerment, and never let it go. Hold it and never let go. 

Those moments where people are snide, rude, unsupportive, hurtful are moments you should let flutter through your fingers.
Because those moments are a microcosm of the abundance of time where you are full of love + light.

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