Time to Save the World – Where in the World is All the Time?

By Britney Robbins

As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned one of my most valued assets is my time. It’s honestly the only thing you have control of when working for yourself. This means valuing your time should always be top priority when running your business. You’ll notice people wanting to set meetings to learn more about what you do, to introduce you to others that may want to get involved or to see if there are opportunities for potential partnerships. All of these things are important to a business and you never want to flat out turn someone down in fear of wasting your time. However, there are certain things you can do to make sure your time (or theirs) is not

1. Find out the nature of the meeting – is it an intro meeting to learn more and begin building a foundation? Is it a larger meeting with multiple people to discuss opportunities? Does it sound like something that can be handled over a 15 minute call or does it need to be an in-person

2. Provide as much information as you can beforehand – pitch decks, one pagers, links to your website, examples of your work. This will save you a lot of time having to reiterate information that is either public or could’ve been made available before the meeting.

3. Create an agenda – communicate with the other party to find out what it is they need/want to know and what information you’d like to share. Create a rough agenda to keep the meeting on task and to keep all parties from going off on tangents.

4. Know what you want – come to the meeting having done your research about the potential opportunities that exist with you and the other company. Lay out your needs, requests and what their support would mean for you.

5. Set a clear follow up timeline and set expectations. Make sure everyone knows what they’re responsible for and the timeline for each of the items.

Stick to these rules and watch how much time you’ll save in the long run. Use your spidey senses to determine if it’s worth your time in the first place and move forward from there. But whatever you do, try to limit pointless meetings with people as your time could be much better
spent on developing your growing business.

LeadKaren Spears