Flourish or Fold.

by Brianna Arps

I’ve got a question. What’s up with everyone wanting to slap the “self-made” badge on their resumes, portfolios and such? Another one: Since when did doing everything yourself become the highest honor one can earn and asking for help turn into this utterly shameful thing?
If y’all let me tell it, I think now’s the time to wake up from the counterfeit culture of independent success. All of us has had someone take a chance on our ideas, playing a role (no matter how big or small) in our ability to accomplish whatever we desire.
Assisting several women entrepreneurs on the side for the past four years taught me that teamwork is valuable as well as knowing when to bring on a partner in crime, I mean, business.
Stop seeking validation – we get it, you’re a boss! Instead, maximize your efforts the right way. I promise that any continuation of the opposite will result in the following:
Inefficient use of time.
I find fault in the statement, “You have as many hours in the day as Beyoncé.” On the surface, yes, it’s true. But the catchy slogan is flawed. Not only doesn’t it take into consideration the fact that Queen Bee has a zillion worker bees in her colony who perform different tasks, but it also assumes that building an empire can happen overnight. Nope. Try again.
Strengths become weaknesses.
Too much of a good thing can result in a whole lot of bad things all happening at once. For example, drink too much water and you could cause irreversible internal damage. A.k.a you could die. Stop driving yourself into the ground off the principle that what you’re good at will be enough to win. Recognize the areas you’re lacking in and then seek out people who can fill those voids.
A blatant disregard of the obvious.
Think back to when you were given a writing assignment in school. Off rip, your first draft was probably trash…a great start! Yet, it was nothing like what you ended up turning in for that A+ you deserved. Having someone (especially a Grammar Whiz) on your side to read/check over whatever you produce is clutch.
Lack of perspective.
Contrary to popular belief, life oftentimes presents more than just two alternatives. You miss the opportunity to gain insight and tackle challenges when you’re stuck on being stubborn. Narrow mindedness gets you nowhere. Which leads me to…
Missing forward momentum.
I read once that doing the same thing over and over again all while expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. How can you move forward, onward and upward when you’ve reached a peak in your productivity? Ask for help already.
Shallow Network.
Growing up, all swimmers – even Olympians – started out wading in the shallow parts of the pool. Okay, cool. But once they got older and saw that the true champs were gathered near the 8-foot end, laughing and kee-keeing together, each took their shot at trying something new. The intro to this section could easily be swapped to read “lack of social skills” rather than shallow network because that’s what I’m really implying. Imagine how fun life would be if you, by choice, closed yourself off from building meaningful connections with others.
I want YOU to be great. Honestly, truly. Let’s vibe together, shall we?

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