Dating an Introvert

By Melanie Southern

Dating in itself can be very complicated. Now dating an introvert, that's a different story.  Not to say we are bad people, because we’re not, at least most introverts aren’t. We can be very shy people and tend to have complicated feelings when it comes to dating. For an example, if an introvert actually has influence to actually go out instead of staying at home we want to at least
have a good time. We may go with our friends or coworkers but never by ourselves because that’s just too awkward. So if you spot an introvert and want to start a conversation with them, brace yourself because it won’t be easy.

Since introverts tend to be more shy, we might not approach you. Just out of fear or awkwardness. So come talk to us especially since that’s all we want you to do. Now given I have both introvert and extrovert qualities, I have a better understanding of both parties. As an extrovert, you have no problem talking and getting to know someone, this is why introverts may be drawn to you since we lack in that area.  Dating an introvert is great because we’ll always want to spend quality time with you. However, if that partner wants to go out with friends, that’s fine because introverts are more than capable with staying inside and doing their favorite activities. Just remember we like attention, we hate talking on the phone, sometimes we rather stay at home than go out, keep us safe, be loyal, and supportive and your relationship will be just fine.

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