Social Media Detox



By Brea Finney

It's no secret that millennials love social media. Every moment is captured in our memories, but also documented on various platforms from Snapchat to Instagram. We’re living in a time of sharing with others and letting them into the behind the scenes look of our daily events throughout life. However, it would be an understatement to say that social media does not take a toll on someone's mental or emotional health, especially during the heightened time in politics. 
Each scroll, every like, constant retweets - it all boils down to simply reflect what we allow into our personal space. With that being said, it is important to evaluate who you follow and why. When I first joined a few social media networks, I went through the phase of following a ton of people - close friends, acquaintances and a bunch of individuals I never met. Yet over time, I realized that some of the people didn't align with the stage where I was in life or simply had views that I didn't support. It's perfectly fine to have your own opinion of how you portray yourself on social media, but it is also okay to remove people who don't contribute to the well-being of yourself. 
Yes, the dreaded "unfollow" stigma is okay! It's not always personal or a jab toward the other individual. You simply have to be the keeper of what energy you allow and how you go about interacting with it. Take the time to write down your goals for social media, and search for people who inspire you creatively or professionally. Find value in following motivational individuals such as Alex Elle or Reyna Biddy, who use their power of words to tell a story that many can relate to. Don't feel bad for evaluating who you follow on social because as you evolve there will be new opportunities that arise. Take a break to recuperate from all the social media hype. You deserve a chance to unwind as often as you can. 
All in all, take it in stride and know that social media is only as intense (or light-hearted) as you make it out to be. Find the time to craft your social media to create a feed that protects and sparks the best version of yourself. 
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