Let Your Soul Glo: 4 Essential Oils You Need Immediately

By Urma Redmond

Are you ready to rise and shine? (Literally)

Essential oils: let’s talk about how amazing they actually are. Essential oils have been poppin’ for these past few years, and everyone’s realizing how important they can be for a healthy lifestyle. Oils are purifying, enhancing in physical and spiritual wellness, and act as a simple form of self-care. 

Before you can run the world, you have to make sure you’re taken care of. Essential oils will help you with that.

Here’s a list of four oils to start out with on your journey to glowing:

Tea Tree Oil

Working wonders for your skin, tea tree oil helps with acne, eczema and infection/cuts. You can use cotton balls and pads to apply the oil to your face and other areas of your body.

Lavender Oil

Relax with this oil, which can help calm your mood and promotes restful sleep. Apply this oil by rubbing it on your wrist or putting a couple of drops in your next bath.

Castor Oil

Treat your hair right with this magical oil, which strengthens and promotes growth for your hair and prevents hair damage. You can add castor oil to your hair routine.

Peppermint Oil
One of the most “convenient” oils, peppermint oil supports digestion and reduces stomach and headache pain. Rub this oil to your temples or diffuse it using a diffuser.

These oils can be found at your local supermarket. Happy living!