How do I live the life my grandparents lived?

By Melanie Southern

To think back and reflect upon the many accomplishments that minorities have done in America, makes me sit back and be proud of where we have come from. We have covered the streets of Jim Crow law states with nothing more but marching feet and songs of equality. We have created beauty products that show off our afros and tight coiled curls. We have sat down in the front of the bus when we were told to sit in the back. We’ve given those who simply want to love the person they want the right to marriage. We float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, both in and out of the ring. We elected a two-term black president. We the new generation of color and gender have seen us come a long way from what our grandparents have lived many years ago. So with the many accomplishments that we have made, why does it feel like we are going back to start instead of crossing the finish line of equality?

Like anyone else in America can see with the new administration, which we as a country decided on, it’s not the greatest time to be a minority again. Whether we are being shot down by those who swore to protect us, or we turn our backs on each other and pull the trigger on our own. Women are being told that what happens to our bodies are not our choices to make but rather it be the choice of the opposite sex who will never experience what we go through. Those whose religion is opposite of ours can no longer come into our country out of “fear “of what they could do to us. And those of the LGBT community, have to be told that their love is wrong. So how do we fix this? How do come out of what seems like an impossible journey? How do we go back and live the life our grandparents lived? The answer is simple: we fight. We fight like never before. We show our president-elect or anyone else who agrees with his views that racist, sexist, and ignorant ways will not work in our America. We live the life our grandparents lived, not by putting up with racist/sexist remarks, but by marching like they did to fighting for our God-given rights. We do not lie down and fear the next four years, rather we stand and conquer the next four years. 


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