What do people say behind your back?

by Kori Clay

If you were to scroll through your social media, what would you think of you?

That question should always be in the back of your mind every time you decide to post, tweet, go live, retweet, quote tweet or share anything period. The personality that you put out on the internet is the personality that employers will see before they even interview you.

I had to interview for an internship and within a minute of being on the phone, the interviewer had told me that he had already looked through all of my social media. I didn’t need to sweat bullets because I knew that the presence that I was putting online was perfectly fine.

My point to anyone out there wishing to be themselves on the internet is that it’s a risky game.

Be yourself is the best advice I could give. But be yourself to the extent that I don’t get to know everything about you by scrolling through your twitter.

Employers like to see people with a sense of personality. If your twitter is completely squeaky clean and looks more like your own personal set of propaganda that’s a problem too. Show your personality but better yet show that you’re a person.

I think too often we get caught up on being the squeaky clean image of ourselves without realizing that we’re human. We make mistakes, but most importantly we own up to those mistakes and keep pushing forward by retweeting funny memes and even funnier gifs.

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