Skin Care #Goals

Skin Care Goals

by Brea Finney

In life, there are multiple things that we strive for each day. Happiness, peace, clarity, healthy relationships, rewarding career paths, outstanding health, thriving personal life and so much more are a few of the things at the top of the priority list. In between time, there has to be some downtime to take care of yourself, especially your skin. Whether it is on a daily or weekly basis, your melanin deserves a bit of pampering. Over the years, I experienced a ton of moves that introduced my skin to everything from cold, harsh winters to sweltering, hot summers. In order to keep the glow at a maximum, it is essential to invest in skincare products that will promote the best you year-round. Check out some of my favorite products to purchase at nearby stores such Target and Walgreens.

Hand & Body Scrub

We know Shea Moisture for its hair products, but they also have a skin line with a scrub that helps to get rid of dryness. Exfoliating at least once a week will help to bring a bit of softness and shine back to your skin. This is a quick and easy alternative in between spa days and a gentle sugar scrub is always great after a long day.

Mud Mask

A face mask is something that can happen once or twice a week on a regular basis. My favorite is The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask from Ulta that when applied instantly cools your skin and helps remove blemishes. Only lasting 10 to 15 minutes, this can easily be accomplished between numerous tasks. Follow up with a light moisturizer to refresh your skin before heading out or going to bed. 


It may seem like this is a summer product only, but that is not the case. Wearing sunscreen helps to protect against the sun’s ultraviolet rays and helps keep the youth looking strong. A good brand to look into is L’Oreal which has both the lotion and the oil spray to accommodate your needs. No worries though, the sunscreen does not leave those annoying streaks and works well throughout the day.

This journey is one that takes some trials and tribulations, and also one that relies on recommendations from others. Instagram is the perfect way to see preview of products and hear the reviews of how it worked for other women of color. My go to pages include Adri’s feed (@sortofobsessed) which has a host of skin products visually displayed in pastel colors and neutrals; Shelby Ivey Christie (@bronze_bombshel) who shares her regimen for living in New York City; and Alyssa Neilson (@alyssaneilson) who is a rep for Glossier that introduces her top favorite to her followers at all times.  

Go forward and let your skin glow! Be sure to share your new purchases with me.

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