Know Your Worth + Add Tax

by Jennifer Fowler

A lot of the time during your journey to success, people are going to plaster you with words like selfish, egotistic, brash, arrogant, audacious - the list goes on.Being a girl boss only makes things worse. You can’t be powerful and a woman - it’s far too much for people to process. So when you’re climbing the ladder of achievement, exuding an enviable glow and righteously feeling yourself, people will naturally claw at your ankles and try and topple the gracious foundation you’ve built. They’ll sneer when you tell them your achievements or forget to tell you congratulations, or not acknowledge your hard work at all. They’ll confuse your self-love with boastfulness, and tell you to pipe down your pipe dreams, because it makes them uncomfortable.

Note: Your job is not to scale back your glory/worth/success to make others comfortable.

They’ll mumble that humility is a virtue and shift uneasily at your award ceremonies, fanning themselves with the program they conveniently crinkled - never mind your face and name are on the front.Someone once told me something that changed my entire outlook on success and validity: people want to see you do well; but not better than them.

They’ll run beside you, cheering you on, until you get ahead. When that happens, your support system turns into contempt/jealousy/bitterness. During times like these, it’s imperative to acknowledge your worth. Take some time to evaluate your goals, your journey, your process, and why it all matters.

Figure out how you’ve gotten to where you are. This will help you acknowledge your merit and give yourself the credit you deserve.

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