Your Passion Can Pay Your Bills

by Kwynn Riley

Your passion can pay your bills.

Your dreams can get your dollars. After watching a elementary school friend win 3 Grammy’s, a blk pregnant womyn with twins lean back in a chair, you should know you can do anything that you put your mind to. With great organizations such as Let’s Vibe, I was able to establish myself as a spoken word artist. Let’s Vibe opened many doors for me in Chicago but it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t believe that I could.

Here are some steps on how your passion can pay your bills.

  • Find your passion and accept it – your passion is anything that fuels you. Any activity that you can do, naturally. No matter what time of day, or who you are with, this activity drives you. 
  • Accept your God given talent – you are special in your own way. I am a poet, like Kwyn. I want to be the best Kwyn I can be before I want to be like a Nikki Giovanni or a Sonia Sanchez.
  • Find opportunities to show your passion – now that you have accepted your passion it is time to show it off!  Chicago is booming with opportunities for #blkcreatives. Open mics, fashion shows, event premieres, all of that! Because of social media everything is just one click away. You do not have to perform, or show off but surrounding yourself in these creative atmospheres can kick off a creative boost.  
  • Put in the work for your passion - take a free class, read a book about drawing and get to creating whatever it is! You have to perfect your craft. Because you are trying to make a profit off of this now is the time to get a logo, build a social media presence, make business cards. 
  • Redefine yourself according to your passion – build your network, get a mentor – crucial. We are stronger when we work together. By reading this blog and joining Let’s Vibe you are already a step ahead in the game girl! Ask for help, you can’t do it alone. If you are a budding entrepreneur, and you are worried about sharing your idea. Recognize that no one is going to do it like you.

Now, get out and follow your dream!

LeadKaren Spears