Snaps For You: Women in Black Excellence

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by Urma Redmond

We’re halfway through Black History Month (why does February have to be so short?!?) and it’s been pretty eventful so far. Some of our favorite artists won big at the 2017 Grammy’s, and a few more of our favorite artists announced tour dates for what will definitely be an exciting summer. It’s lit!

Before Black History Month ends, there’s still plenty of more black excellence to be celebrated. We’re spotlighting three amazing young black women who are doing their thang! These young professionals are something to admire.

Morgan DeBaun (@MorganDeBaun)

This is one boss. Listed in Forbes 30 under 30, The Root Top 100 Most Influential Black Americans and LinkedIn’s Next Wave, Morgan is the CEO and founder of Blavity, one of the world’s largest multi-cultural media outlet. Morgan is all about her business, and in addition to running the world, she has offers the #hustlesmart newsletter, which gives tips and advice on marketing and starting up your business. You go girl!

Stacey Ike (@onetakestace)

When they say “Get you a girl who can do it all”, they’re talking about Stacey. With a personality as vibrant as hers, it makes sense that she’s a natural at hosting/reporting/acting. Stacey is a young woman making her mark around LA, interviewing the coolest stars and telling their fun stories. Stacey shows how you can use your own personality to navigate your way to your dream career. Shine on Stacey!

Alexandra Elle (@_alexelle)

A writer in every sense, it’s strongly recommended to read everything Alexandra writes. Alexandra is a storyteller, using her writing to encourage self-love, humble lesson-learning and having the courage to build on your own. You can follow her on twitter to read her morning affirmations, which are encouraging tweets to get your through the day, and you also sign up for her newsletter to be sent inspiration and updates on her work. Snaps for you girl!

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Happy living!

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