How Spontaneity Can Fuel Your Success 

By Jennifer Fowler

It’s a given that your path to success needs routine for best results. Scheduling, planning, checking items off our to-do list - there’s nothing better than feeling productive. Girl bosses do best when they’re productive, right? That’s practically what girl boss means.

*Treadmill, coffee, meeting, class, study session, powwow, tea, planning for tomorrow - sigh of contentment*

But there comes a point where you’re brimming with lattes and you can’t remember the last time you had a vegetable and you feel like you’re going to spontaneously combust.

Routine can be dangerously monotonous.

Being in this position for months, I found myself longing for something to pull me out of this dangerous drill of being perfectly planned - and subsequently boring.
I needed adventure, thrill, a moment of uncertainty and absolute valiance. Spontaneity is important to break the monotony of your girl boss routine. 

To keep you refreshed, energized, and help you foster new outlooks on life.
Some quick fixes for spontaneity include:

  • Girls trips where you wander down new avenues of cities you’ve never been before, eating calamari for the first time and screaming your heart out at concerts.
  • Wine nights where you laugh until you’re crying and you're catching up on the first season of Insecure, throwing popcorn at the screen because Issa’s life is just like yours.
  • Crying at film festivals where you’re watching powerful French films you barely understand, but are tugging on your heartstrings. 
  • Loping through art museums alone, tilting your head and crinkling your nose as you consume impressionist Swedish art. You sip on your foamy vegan latte as you try and extract meaning.
  • Removing your thought process from your decisions. Heading to the drag show, sprinting at the color run, cheering at a basketball game, your face smeared with the team’s colors.

While I encourage you to think critically about most decisions, I also encourage you to take a moment not to think. Your success won’t waver or falter because you’ve taken time to care for yourself, or treat yourself the way you’ve been deserving to be treated. 

Your body, mind, spirit + overall success will thank you. 

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