Feeling Lonely This Love Season? You're Not Alone.

We are in the month of February, and around this time of year the regrets of not having someone in your life comes into play. Being alone on Valentine’s day can be very sad time for some, while others don’t mind it. However for those who do mind, feel as though the saying “forever alone” is real to them. It may seem hard for others to see couples showing affection towards one another, and can bring a sense of loneliness to those who do not have someone in their life however it’s not all bad. 

If you're single, you're not alone. Not having a partner in your life seem very lonely and the need to have someone special in your life is very normal, however believing finding love is the only way to make you happy is simply not good. Being alone can be one of the best ways for you to get to love yourself before you decide to love someone else.

The goal should not be to find anyone to be with you, but rather the goal be finding yourself so that you may go into the relationship stable and secure. It can seem like the perfect life to see couples show love to one another, but not every relationship is perfect. Some may go into a relationship thinking this will bring them the love and happiness they are looking for, but if you don’t find love and happiness with yourself, you will never find it in another person. 

Love yourself this season! 

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