Unmarried Millennial

by Kwynn Riley

I am 23 years old and I am a millennial who is not married. I am perfectly fine with that. 
However, society refuses to let me think so.

My facebook is infested with adorable proposal videos, wedding dances to Beyonce and of course...babies. Whenever I am around my family for the holidays the questions pops up calmly like “So, when are you getting married?” As if marriage is the ultimate milestone in my life, not my master’s, a Doctorate, a book, a movie deal, a baptismal...no marriage is the next step for any woman. 

I am sick of that, well annoyed.

My partner and I have been enjoying each other’s company for the past 5 years, I love him. He did bring up marriage a few times, in which I would always respond “when you feel the time is right”. Now, I have been seeing the videos of the womyn proposing to the man which is the epitome of the famous African women saying “ f*** it, I’ll do it myself”. I live for seeing reversed roles of gender normality and situations where women handle it. 

However, my confession is that “Marriage, to me, is not a milestone”. Marriage is beautiful. I am definitely a hopeless romantic. I love romantic comedies and if you asked my Dad he would say that I have always been about “love”. Love and marriage are two different things to me. You can not have marriage without love but you can for sure have love without marriage. 

I am happy. I am in love. But I am not married….yet ;)]

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