Support: How Many Of Us Have It?

by Britney Robbins

So, Beyonce’s pregnant with twins. How do I know that? Because everyone on every social media site that exists, felt it necessary to repost her picture announcement. Most were accompanied with a caption about how excited they were for her, how life-changing this news was, and how they were so proud of their friend-in-their-head. After seeing the picture for the hundredth time, I started to think – why is it that we’re so quick to support people we’ve never even met – likely will never meet - but our friends, colleagues, people in our networks that we see and speak to frequently have to all but bribe us, to get us to plug their events, ventures or successes?

In recently starting my own venture, I realize not only how important support from your network is to grow your business, but also for your own motivation. I can’t tell you how many times support – whether that comes in the form of reposting statuses, making connections or financial support – from my network has fueled me to go that extra step and to keep going. But I’ve also recognized how getting no support from people you considered yourself close to, can affect you – especially when you constantly see them supporting [what you would deem] as far less important causes. 

So here are some things I’ve learned and tips to help other aspiring or current entrepreneurs navigate through building your empire with or without support. I hope you’ll find these tips as helpful and beneficial as I have.

Support those who support you – there will always be people in your network that you admire. If you’re constantly supporting those people but realize they’re not doing the same in return, scale back your efforts. It’s great to support, but if it comes at the expense of your feelings being hurt when it’s not reciprocated, don’t waste your time. 

Surround yourself with people that believe in your work – not everyone will understand your vision and therefore won’t support your movement. Find a group of people that get it and use those as your biggest champions. A warning though, make sure you find ways to make sure these people know they’re appreciated – whether it’s a gift card, a small gathering to show appreciation or even a thank you card, make sure they know how much their support really means to you. 

Be your own champion – Sometimes it’s not about others supporting you, sometimes it’s about you believing in yourself and your capabilities to the point that others lack of support doesn’t phase you. Keep a list of things you’ve been able to accomplish. Look back on the strides you’ve been able to make with or without the support and take solace in knowing you’re a Boss. 

Keep collecting receipts (this is my favorite) – Essentially, the more you can mark off your checklist and add to your resume, the more people will take notice. Keep kicking butt and taking names. Those people who didn’t want to pay attention will have no choice but to take notice. And 9/10 you’ll start to see people reaching out who “didn’t know you” three months ago, asking if they can schedule time to grab coffee. 

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