Lend Me Your Ear: Podcasts are Bomb!

by Urma Redmond

If you’ve never tried listening to podcasts, I’d recommend you start now.

Podcasts are winning. Here are a few reasons you should take a break from the new Migos and Kehlani albums and check out podcasts:

They’re informative!
Podcasts are the perfect mixture of entertainment and education. You can learn so much while walking to class, working out or just relaxing by yourself (or with friends)! A more productive alternative than listening to your favorite music, podcasts give you the chance to expand your knowledge and gain new ideas and perspectives in the natural feel of listening to your iPod.

They’re convenient!
Podcasts can be found on iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher. As soon as a new podcast is released from your subscription, you available to pull them up at anytime and go to any part of the show that you’d like. It’s like you’re able to rewind your favorite radio talk show.

They’re personal!
When you listen to podcasts, you feel as though you’re included in the conversation. The hosts don’t feel like they’re far away in a station, disconnected from you: instead, it’s as if they’re sitting right with you, telling you everything that’s on their mind. Podcasts offer you a special insight that makes you feel as though you’re developing a personal relationship with the hosts: it’s a good feeling.

Interested? Start a new journey into more self-growth by checking out these two podcasts that I listen to faithfully:

The Friend Zone
This podcast is all about health and mental wellness, because “who in the hell wants a musty brain?” Hosted by the power trio Assante, Fran and Dustin, this podcast gives you tips and advice on how to maintain a good lifestyle. Everything from natural products to damaging relationships to hilarious relatable stories are discussed. As an added bonus, Assante and Dustin frequently break out into spontaneous raps and songs, for those who enjoy sweet tunes often.

The Read
If you enjoy a nice cup of a hot tea (with honey, lemon and peppermint on the side), come in and sit down to listen to this podcasts. While you’re at it, go ahead and take off any sunglasses you may have on: it’s shady enough over here. Hosted by Kid Fury and Crissle, this podcast covers all hip hop and pop culture’s messy (yet hilarious) ways. You’ll literally be laughing out loud at the recaps of the foolery we see in the media.

I hope you all decide to give these two a listen! Also, feel free to join me as I check out a new podcast: 2 Dope Queens.

Happy listening!

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