Side Hustlers Unite!: Why Side Hustles Fuel Both Your Life and Work

 Photo by , Written by Diamond Greer

Photo by, Written by Diamond Greer

It's time for real talk with our beloved community. This month, we're talking "Side Hustles" and their ability to fuel both your life and work.

Before we jump into things, some of you may be asking yourself: "What is truly a 'side hustle'?" Well, let's take a moment to discuss.

  • Fact: According to NPR, wages have barely grown over the last eight years since the recession. With job security taking a top spot on our list of life essentials, having income to survive is a top priority. However, we are on a mission to THRIVE and a side hustle is a great tool to make it happen. You see, a side hustle is not solely a "passion project" that you take on to convert your dreams into action; it can be a lucrative source of extra income.
  • Side hustles come in all shapes and sizes. From putting your writing skills to market to building websites for clients during your non-employer or non-core business hours, almost anything can be leveraged as a new revenue stream. Check out these 50 ideas for lucrative side hustles featured in Entrepreneur.
  • Side hustles are important for skill development and overall happiness. Money low? Promotion currently unlikely? Need something that allows you to work on projects you care about or excite your true purpose in life? Want to build financial capital? Dream of eventually working for yourself? Side hustles are valuable tools for navigating life in a way that allows you to further develop your skills and do what makes you happy. It also provides a space to test ideas.

How might one start a side hustle? There are many ways and we will focus on our top four:

  1. Map out your time. Identify the number of unoccupied hours you have on any given day or week. These unused hours are now your precious moments to focus and work on your side hustle.
  2. Leverage your skills. Reflect on what you love to do, what your friends or mentors have told you that you do well, and what you know you can do better than most people. Create a list and use the list to uncover the skills you may use to execute your side hustle. Take this free DISC assessment to learn more about your leverageable skills.
  3. Identify your market. Based on your skills, identify the problem that you may most tangibly solve right in that moment. Often times, the people and organizations that typically experience that problem become your target market. 
  4. Connect with your market. Join freelance sites, apply to part-time/contracted roles, or reach out to people or organizations within your networks both locally and online to help them solve their problem (see #3) using your skills.

Many great companies, products, and life-changing ideas are/have started out as side hustles. You have so much to offer this world. Let your side hustle be your vessel.

Now that we're all on the same page, let's grind it out!

Tell us, what's your current or dream side hustle? What makes you want to Pursue it?