Debunking a Personal Brand

 by Karen Spears, Co-Founder & COO of Let's Vibe and owner of Kareracter

by Karen Spears, Co-Founder & COO of Let's Vibe and owner of Kareracter

Personal Branding is a term that's being overused and thrown around a lot these days. Your job is hosting an after work event on it, infopreneurs are selling cheap workbooks about it, and designers that charge an arm and a leg to "create" one for you. What if I told you that you don't need a logo, a beautifully curated Instagram, or big bucks to have an killer personal brand? It's possible! Let's debunk some common misconceptions about a personal brand:

1) You need a logo or a business to have a brand | false

You do not need a logo or business to have a personal brand. In fact, everyone has a personal brand and may not even realize it. In short, a personal brand is essentially what people say about you when you are not around. What are typically known for? What do people trust you for? Hidden beneath that answer is your core strength. That is what you'll craft what you say and what you do to enforce your personal brand. 

2) Your personal brand only lives online | false

We often see lifestyle bloggers, entrepreneurs, and entertainment professionals use their personal brand to run their career via online platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Part of that is showing off how they live, what they have and how much money they make. Often times, we feel like our personal brand isn't working because our online presence isn't garnering thousands of likes and followers. This is false. Your online presence is merely an extension of your real life self. Your personal brand only works if you actually perform it. Consider your strength from question #1. Write down 3 ways you perform your strength in every day life. Now, take those and consider how you might showcase your action on social media. Performativity is the first step at actualizing your strength and building your personal brand. 

3) You need money to create your personal brand | false

Building your brand takes time, effort and dedication to living and performing your biggest strength. It is about dedicating time to involving yourself in activities that enforce your passions and what you love doing. However, it does take money to visually enhance your online presence. For example, if you'd like for your brand to have a beautiful website or business cards, then money to purchase those would be involved. However, if someone is selling you a personal brand, it's a scam. 

Now that you have a better understanding, decide how you truly want your personal brand to thrive!