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Could not have found a better kick-start than the New Year New Vibe event hosted by Let’s Vibe at evolveher. I walked in and had to identify my vibe: “Clear.” So true. When it came time to “Ideate,” I dreamed big and decided I wanted to show and sell a painting this year. A nod to my younger self, who I have ignored for such a long time.

I was afraid to take up art again, at all. But FEAR is an obstacle I am choosing to set aside forever. I said to myself, “just do it.” And when I talked to my community - the Vibe tribe as I like to call them - I got such wonderful support. “Just be an artist.” Make what I am afraid of - “my inspiration.” Be myself; “it only takes one person. . . . The right person will come.”

Guess what? Those voices were right. I am an artist, my fear was my inspiration and the right person came along .... ME. The very next day, I painted the first painting I have painted in probably 10 years. It felt good and it fell right out of me.

Over the course of the next two weeks, I painted two more paintings. And I am entering them into an art show. To be SHOWN. Maybe one will be accepted. Maybe I’ll sell one. It doesn’t matter though, because I painted. And I will continue to do so.

So thank you, and thank you to the Let’s Vibe collective.

Here’s to painting #1 - Muse-Burnt Out.
— Carly G

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