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You want something more out of life but don't know where to begin?

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The Vibe Pass is an exclusive, all-access pass to our signature annual events, VIP coaching/mind mapping sessions, and partner services, products and offerings both online and locally*. The Vibe Pass offers 1-on-1 accountability touch points, group connecting, and much more.

*Local offerings currently apply to Chicago, IL. We are expanding into other cities for 2018.

Vibe Pass: $70 | Student Vibe Pass: $30

Please contact us if you are in need of financial assistance.

Our members at the 3rd Annual New Year, New Vibe event at EvolveHER.

Our members at the 3rd Annual New Year, New Vibe event at EvolveHER.

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Signature events

Our signature events include VIP Meet & Greets with our featured speakers and guests, exclusive swag and discounts, and bonus opportunities!

New Year New Vibe (JAN) - an experience focused on community,
collaboration, and exploring a topic and learning skills to apply to
our life and career for the new year.

Retreat (APR)* - an experience focused on deepening our awareness and
understanding of ourselves as holistic individuals and leaders.

Vibe Out (AUG) - an experience focused on community and deepening
our connections within our community.

*Vibe Pass holders receive an exclusive discount on the annual retreat. All other signature events are fully covered under the Vibe Pass.

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Our two 60-minute coaching sessions provide clarity, structure and next steps on how to accomplish your goals. Schedule your sessions throughout your year with us. 

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EvolveHER, our 2018 partner! #coworking

EvolveHER, our 2018 partner! #coworking

enjoy perks!

Partner Services

Our partner services, offerings, and products are available at a discount during your journey with us. Did we mention your 'first dibs' exclusive access to perks? That's right. When our partners offer free services, request their first batch of job candidates, or provide resources, you are the first to know and be granted access!

We collaborate with partners on a rolling basis throughout the year. For 2018, we welcome our long-time partner Skill Scout, newcomer EvolveHER, and many more to the Let's Vibe ecosystem!


Vibe Pass: $70 | Student Vibe Pass: $30

Please contact us if you are in need of financial assistance.

Could not have found a better kick-start than the New Year New Vibe event hosted by Let’s Vibe at evolveher. I walked in and had to identify my vibe: “Clear.” So true. When it came time to “Ideate,” I dreamed big and decided I wanted to show and sell a painting this year. A nod to my younger self, who I have ignored for such a long time.

I was afraid to take up art again, at all. But FEAR is an obstacle I am choosing to set aside forever. I said to myself, “just do it.” And when I talked to my community - the Vibe tribe as I like to call them - I got such wonderful support. “Just be an artist.” Make what I am afraid of - “my inspiration.” Be myself; “it only takes one person. . . . The right person will come.”

Guess what? Those voices were right. I am an artist, my fear was my inspiration and the right person came along .... ME. The very next day, I painted the first painting I have painted in probably 10 years. It felt good and it fell right out of me.

Over the course of the next two weeks, I painted two more paintings. And I am entering them into an art show. To be SHOWN. Maybe one will be accepted. Maybe I’ll sell one. It doesn’t matter though, because I painted. And I will continue to do so.

So thank you, and thank you to the Let’s Vibe collective.

Here’s to painting #1 - Muse-Burnt Out.
— Carly G


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